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I use professional grade coloured pencils and  will create a drawing that you will treasure forever from photos that you provide. I will also send progress pictures so that you can be part of the creative process.


Ideally, the better the photo, the better the drawings . In focus, close up with good lighting are the ones that work the best. I also draw what I see, so pick a pose that you like the best that shows your pet's personality the best. I'm all about the eyes, so a good pose that showcases those beautiful eyes is also important.  Get ready to put your amateur photography skills to the test!


People portraits can be done from separate photos. They don't have to be all in the same photo. Grandkid portraits for the grandparents are popular. I've also done multigenerational drawings of family members all in one large drawing. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about a family portrait. I look forward to creating a piece of original artwork for you!

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